Memorial Mix Tribute To Heavy D.

  • Released: November 2011
  • Format: Radio Stations & Compact Disc
  • Produced by: DJ Vybe

Released approximately 2 two weeks after the sudden death of one of Hip-Hop and Mt. Vernon’s best in November of 2011, the Memorial Tribute to Heavy D with 60 minutes of the best jams of his lifetime. This set is not studio produced, but an actual website broadcast done by DJ Vybe on November 11th, 2011. Rest in peace overweight lover!

  1. You Can’t See What I Can See

  2. Do Me Right ft. Guy

  3. Alright With Me with Janet Jackson

  4. We Got Our Own Thang

  5. More Bounce

  6. Please Don’t Curse with Flav Unit

  7. Blue Funk

  8. Money Earnin’ Mt. Vernon

  1. Nuttin’ But Love For You

  2. Somebody To Love Me

  3. Jam with Michael Jackson

  4. Is It Good To You

  5. EZ Duz It, Do It EZ

  6. Truthful (Pete Rock Remix)

  7. Black Coffee

  8. Fire