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Sparkle…Wait A Minute, She Ain’t Finished!

In an industry where “perfection” was once a standard, very few artists could be considered.  Sparkle however, is one of those “rare” artists! Driven to her perfection by her once mentor R. Kelly.  Singer-songwriter, known for her 1998 chart-topping R&B hit “Be Careful,” Sparkle has experienced the highs and lows of a fickle music industry and is back with a vengeance, reclaiming her spot in today’s landscape of R&B.

Although many believe Sparkle’s career begins and ends with her self-titled debut project, there is far more to the fiery songstress. Sparkle began making a name for herself when she collaborated with an R&B legend, R-Kelly on the late Aaliyah’s project “Age Ain’t Nothing’ But A Number.” This alliance allowed her to polish her craft, and set her up for stardom. Sparkle became the first and only artist to release a project on Kelly’s Rockland imprint.

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The first single “Be Careful” was a ballad, which ruled the R&B charts for six consecutive weeks.  While working on Sparkle’s sophomore project, creative differences forced the pair to go their separate ways, but Sparkle credits the partnership with allowing her to grow and learn from one of the best. Sparkle’s second project was released via Motown Records, but it languished on the charts and was widely ignored due to poor promotion, leaving her disappointed but not defeated.

Sparkle spent the next several years separating herself from negative influences and focusing on finding the best of what’s inside her.  Friend and mentor Toni Braxton provided an excellent atmosphere for Sparkle to peel away unnecessary layers and expose a more brilliant star than we’ve seen before.  Now back on the scene, Sparkle is better and stronger than ever, producing life inspired songs such as the catchy single “So Bad” for her new project.

While in the midst of recording her 3rd studio album, an album of strength and integrity, as she puts it!  A life long fan of Destiny’s Child [as a whole], but especially Kelly Rowland because in Sparkle’s opinion, Rowland had been improperly acknowledged over the years…something Sparkle identifies with.  When ‘Dirty Laundry’ was initially released Sparkle celebrated Rowland’s courage to speak on such subjects!  Sparkle also said the song sounded like a (R. Kelly produced) Sparkle record, which eventually moved her to put a bit of her‘Dirty Laundry’ out as well!

Expectations still stand true; Sparkle is the same Sparkle, only smarter and wiser.  When asked to describe her upcoming project on the independent label DNA Entertainment, Sparkle says, “It’s still me, some real life shit…just with a broader sound.”


Sparkle’s Links: 

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The Seal Breakers: “Brooklyn” Is Where It’s At

The Seal Breakers were formed in January of 2001 but its musical heritage has roots that were planted many years ago. The Seal Breakers leader Craig Williams wanted to bless music lovers with the brass horn music that he heard in his church and the influence of legendary bands like Earth, Wind and Fire, The Ohio Players, Chicago and Sly and the Family Stone. Having written, produced and performed with many notable artists in the 90’s Craig Williams sought to combine his early musical influences with the contemporary gospel, jazz, soul-R&B and hip-hop that have been part of his musical history.

The Seal Breakers primarily employ the use of brass horns, keyboards, guitars and percussion to bring listeners to their feet in raucous celebration.

Since Craig Williams began The Seal Breakers they have been blessed to perform and/or record with many notable soul, jazz and gospel artists nationally and internationally. In March 2007 the band was also honored to record a soundtrack for a documentary film “Bowl of Dreams” at the insistence of Dr. Bill Cosby who was literally blown away by The Seal Breakers’ performance at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn N.Y. The band travels throughout the U.S. playing at concert halls, schools, music festivals, colleges/universities and civic functions, spreading the message of love and hope through music. Every time The Seal Breakers play they affirm the words of Bill Cosby that he shared with his audience on that chilly November morning, “This music is our heritage, our life, our story through music.”


Musical Talent The Seal Breakers Pays Homage to their Hometown, Notorious BIG, and Jay Z with their New Single “Brooklyn”

May 8, 2013—NEW YORK, NY— The musical band The Seal Breakers pays homage to their city, and the two highly acclaimed rappers Notorious BIG and Jay Z with their new single “Brooklyn”. The digital release of the single was May 7th 2013 on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and wherever digital music is sold.

The Seal Breakers are really proud of this song because it represents the many facets of the bands musical tastes. Fat horns, great singing (by singer Paula Shaniece), hip hop vibe and lyrics reminiscent of the best in the soul music tradition. One music critic said it best when he said of the single “it just feels good.” The song “Brooklyn” highlights the tenacity of the people of Brooklyn. With this song, writer/producer Craig Williams says he wants to convey to its listeners “that Brooklyn is more than just a borough, it’s a lifestyle. It means having the strength and will power to overcome obstacles no matter where you’re from. As the lyrics of song says ‘it ain’t been easy, but I wouldn’t trade it cause that’s how I made it.’” The Seal Breakers grew up in the gritty streets of the city, and they still appreciate their experience because it has made them and their music what it is today. The song pays homage to their city, fallen hip hop artist Notorious BIG, (who was a friend of Seal Breaker leader Craig Williams) and hip hop icon Jay-Z who grew up in the same tough projects as many of the guys in the group. If it wasn’t for their involvement in music, many in the band would have fallen victim to the crime, poverty and violence of the tough urban jungle.

The Seal Breakers were formed in January of 2001 under the name, The Eagles but its musical heritage has roots that were planted many years ago. The Seal Breakers leader Craig Williams wanted to bless music lovers with the brass horn music that he heard in his church and the influence of legendary bands like Earth, Wind and Fire. For more information, contact leader Craig Williams at .

Contact: Lester Jenkins

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Jada-Marie: Jada Of All Trades

Jada-Marie-Singer/Pianist/Guitarist/Song-writer/Producer/Dancer and actress was born in NYC and raised Charlotte, NC coming from a family with a strong musical background. Jada-Marie is the FULL PACKAGE. Jada~Marie’s amazing talents were discovered by her parents at the early age of 2.  Jada`Marie’s first musical debut was at age 4 performing with her dance school for a dance competition at Queens College out of Queens, NY. Following that Jada~Marie began singing and performing at age 5 in night clubs like the Soul Café, NYC and Apostrophe out of Charlotte, NC. In March 2011, at age 15 Jada-Marie dropped her first single “Top Notch Girl” produced by Krazyfigz music on Itunes. Since then her career has begun taking off. Jada-Marie began to receive radio play on Charlotte’s power98 future flavors and by WGIV 103.3. Jada-Marie was the winner of the month for the Carolina Count down on WGIV 103.3 for May 2011 & June 2011. In July 2011, Jada-Marie won the 2011 Carolina Music Award for Best Youth R&B Artist.


Jada-Marie featured live on Global television on B.E.T 106 & Park as a spotlight artist and was invited out to compete in front of the world for a Coca-Cola sponsorship. Jada-Marie was also the teem #1 winner of NYC’s Blaze the Stage for 2011. Jada-Marie has opened up for YMCMB’s artists Lloyd and toured with Bow Wow for the “Under-Rated tour”. She’s opened for Macklemore and Lupe Fiasco. Jada-Marie has solidified her own VH1 reality series “Untitled series”.

Jada- Marie, now 16 years old, attends the Central Academy School of Technology and performing arts majoring in Theatre Arts in Union County, NC where she contributes her talents to performing in plays and talent shows for the school. From a very young age Jada~Marie has been exposed to writing and recording music out of professional recording studio’s, having the opportunity to work with Major artists and many known producers. Reaching for the stars Jada-Marie continues to work hard on her craft and build her fan base as she travels across the country performing her music. When not traveling Jada-Marie is constantly in the studio producing music and recording new material for her fans. Jada-Marie’s giving spirit speaks for itself when she contributes to charity and donates her time to local schools with her anti-bullying campaign.

Jada-Marie will shine her talents on the world with some of her newest projects to be heard in stores soon.  For Bookings or interest contact Jessie Storey@ 917-660-8260

Here are youtube links of her most recent performances on tour with Bow Wow, Lupe Fiasco and Lloyd of YMCMB.


Jada-Marie EPK

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Arika Kane: Connecticut’s Own R&B Sensation

Talented singer/model Arika Kane dances to the beat of no drum but her own. And that is a secret to her success. Coming from strong Italian roots and raised in small-town Connecticut, the photogenic BSE recording artist does not sing country, rock or classical. She sings what she feels; she sings from her heart and from her soul. Most people would call it R&B, although her influences include Dru Hill, Whitney Houston, and others. But she is more than a soul singer — she is a movement, an experience that has captured the hearts of music aficionados with an unbroken trail of musical accomplishments.

She has been invited to pose for magazine spreads and is a target for advertisers to shop commercial products, as she appears on the cover of an issue of Runway News magazine for 2013. However, Arika’s journey has not been without steady obstacles, as industry changes force most artists to be more versatile, more creative. Her latest album, featuring the infectious dance single “Let Go,” produced by the writing team of Lou Humphrey, Arika Kane, and Jasmon Joyner, is fittingly called Substance, as it consists of 14 voluptuous tracks, each download sporting a mood of its own. This musical fantasy and her other accomplishments speak volumes to the songstress’ distinctive vocal prowess and her captivating stage presence. Like the song “Waiting,” another hit from the same album, “Let Go” is poised to become a theme song, and Arika’s single “Make It” is the theme song for VH1’s TV hit Hollywood Exes.


With 150,000 followers on Twitter and a plethora on Facebook, sales for “Let Go” are expected to soar in coming weeks. And with 1,000,000 digital downloads sold from her self-entitled debut album, “Arika Kane,” released in August of 2010, Arika is a hit with the jet-set and teens. She reached #2 on Amazon for R&B downloads, and #18 on ITunes for R&B downloads. Her sophomore single, “4 the Lovers,” charted in Billboard # 7 Single Sales, # 19 R&B Airplay & # 80 on Billboard Hot 100. Her follow up soulful ballad “ Here With Me “ also charted on Billboard # 4 Single Sales, # 14 R&B Airplay & # 67 on Billboard Hot 100. The UAC Mediabase charts declared Arika Kane & BSE Recordings as the #1 Independent artist & label in the country for 20 weeks straight. Hip Hop Weekly wrote that “Arika’s debut album delivers a complete composition that will really resonate with true music fans.” Singer Chuck Jackson, after witnessing Arika on a national TV show, remarked: “She is a beautiful performer!” Arika Kane’s music has been placed & featured on several VH1 Reality shows and Sitcoms, such as “What Chili Wants,” “Basketball Wives,” “Single Ladies,” and “Love & Hip Hop.” Arika Kane enchanted the audience as she appeared on the “Monique Show” in March 2011. And before fans and friends, she captivated the audience at the famous Ashford & Simpsons’ Sugar Bar in NYC. Last November, Arika Kane was the only female to perform on the “One World Tour” with Frankie Beverly, Babyface, and Charlie Wilson in Southaven, Mississippi. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

See Arika Kane Videos:

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