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Your Wedding, Prom or Formal Event will be one of the best and most important hallmarks of your life, so don’t trust just any DJ to provide the music. Choose DJ Vybe ™ so you can be confident that you have selected the best Wedding DJ / Formal Events DJ for your money. A DJ that delivers on your event vision musically, with style and delivery that appeals to the crowd.

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DJ Vybe not a common CD shuffling or amateur controller DJ. DJ Vybe delivers the art of digital-vinyl turntablism that’s perfect for the occasion or event. The music for your Wedding or Formal Event is uniquely tailored to your taste and theme. DJ Vybe carries digital library of 75,000+ songs spanning Hip-Hop, R&B, Twerk, Rap, Reggae/Reggae-ton, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, 70s Disco, 80s Dance, 80s Old School, 90s Throwbacks, Classic & Modern Rock, Motown, Jazz & Jazz Big Band, Mainstream Pop, 80s Soul & Funk, Electronic Dance Music like Club-House, Mainstream EDM, and more. With all this music, you know that DJ Vybe ™ is prepared to make your Wedding or Formal Event something that will be talked about many months after, and be your DJ of choice forever.

You can further enhance your Wedding or Formal Event with special effects like Fog, Intelligent Laser Dance Lighting, Bubble, and Hype-Style Event Drops & Introductions. Or traditional Master of Ceremony services assisting in the coordination of the event and onsite staff throughout the event to keep attendees engaged and in the “know”.

DJ Vybe currently accepts bookings for: Weddings, School Proms and Dances, Black Tie Parties, Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Milestone Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, and more.

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